Is ‘birdwatching’ a Scrabble US Word? Yes
Is ‘birdwatching’ a Scrabble UK Word? Yes
Is ‘birdwatching’ a Words With Friends Word? No
Is ‘birdwatching’ an Adjective? No
Is ‘birdwatching’ an Adverb? No
Is ‘birdwatching’ a Noun? Yes
Is ‘birdwatching’ a Verb? No

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See also: Words that start with b, bi, bir, bird, birdw, birdwa, birdwat, birdwatc, birdwatch, birdwatchi, birdwatchin, birdwatching.

See also: Words that end with birdwatching, irdwatching, rdwatching, dwatching, watching, atching, tching, ching, hing, ing, ng, g.