Is ‘counterclaims’ a Scrabble US Word? Yes
Is ‘counterclaims’ a Scrabble UK Word? Yes
Is ‘counterclaims’ a Words With Friends Word? Yes
Is ‘counterclaims’ an Adjective? No
Is ‘counterclaims’ an Adverb? No
Is ‘counterclaims’ a Noun? Yes
Is ‘counterclaims’ a Verb? No

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See also: Words that start with c, co, cou, coun, count, counte, counter, counterc, countercl, countercla, counterclai, counterclaim, counterclaims.

See also: Words that end with counterclaims, ounterclaims, unterclaims, nterclaims, terclaims, erclaims, rclaims, claims, laims, aims, ims, ms, s.